Riquewihr in Alsace is a picturesque village to visit during a day tour

I am an Alsatian and I can help you to creation an unforgettable stay in Alsace. From 2020 I am making private day tour in Alsace and the Upper Rhine Vallee. My Uncle, Jean-Paul, has a lot of knowledge about the history of Alsace, about wine etc. He passed on his knowledge to me and I am delighted to tell you stories about the region during a day-tour in Alsace and nearby Germany / Black-Forest. 

Why I am the good person to help you to organize your stay in Alsace ? 

Let me introduce you who I am πŸ™‚

My name is Pierre and I am an Alsatian citizen and a real fan of Alsace. I am not a tour operator in Alsace but I can help you to organize your trip in Alsace. I lived in Alsace since 2010. I was born at 1 hour driving from Strasbourg in Lorraine, and after my studies, made in tourism industry, I moved in Strasbourg to work. And you know what, I never wanted to go back in Lorraine. Why? Because Alsace is a so nice place to live, full of traditions, restaurants, bar, winemakers, vineyards, mountains, beautiful landscape, nearby Germany, Switzerland, with a lot of international airports to travel. I am really in love with Alsace. I am a real wine lover so here I am very happy. 

What can I do for you and the organization of your trip in Alsace 

Wherever you lived, I can first of all suggest you the best airport to flight and the name of the airline which flight there. Sometimes the best option is to flight from USA to Frankfurt am Main Airport, sometime from other cities in USA or Australia it’s better to flight to Zurich 

Depending how many days you want to spend in the region, I can help you to fill your days. For example, for an American guest who wanted to visit Alsace during 6 days, based in a hotel in Colmar here is the program we planned together :

Day 1 : Transfer Frankfurt Airport to Colmar with stop in Heidelberg (A stop during a transfer is a good opportunity to discover a city and have an enjoyable transfer day)

Day 2 : Visit Strasbourg by taking the train if your hotel is in Colmar (Free Day on your side).

Day 3 : Visit Colmar (Free Day on your side). If you stay in Strasbourg, you can take the train to go to Colmar

Day 4: Eguisheim, Kaysersberg, Riquewihr Day-Tour 

Day 5 : Black-Forest day tour

Day 6 : Wine Tour in Alsace

Day 7 : Transfer Colmar/Frankfurt 

I have some other day tours in Alsace and nearby Germany. For example if you like history, why not spend a day tour in the Vosges Mountains on the First World War. On the North of Alsace we can even make a day tour on the Second World War thematic. If you like the mountain landscape, why not spending a day tour in the Vosges Mountain, visit a cheese factory and the open air museum to understand the tradition of Alsace. 

We can also visit the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, or other places of interest. I wrote an article about Places to visit in Alsace, click here to discover it. 

Don’t Forget that I am a wine lover, I wrote an article about what kind of wine tour we can make in Alsace together. Click here to read it. 

I can suggest you a place to stay in Alsace 

I can help you to find a nice place to stay in Strasbourg and in Colmar. My customers always stay in the same hotels so I am sure you will like it. Wherever you prefer to stay in Colmar or in Strasbourg, I have some good hotels adresses and I am sure that you will like the places πŸ™‚

If you prefer to have a holiday apartment, I can suggest you my uncle holiday guest house in Riquewihr. Riquewihr is a picturesque village in Alsace where my uncle and my aunt created 5 stars holiday apartments some years ago. The 9 apartments are in the heart of the villages with more than 30 restaurants at 1 minute walking. For me, their apartments are among the most beautiful in Alsace. I don’t say that because it’s my family, but the style, decoration is made in the Alsatian style. All the apartments are beautiful, but The White Stork***** apartment is maybe my favorite, check it by yourself πŸ˜‰

You want to ask me something about your stay in Alsace, just contact me on the form below