Best airports to fly to Alsace

Best airports to travel to Alsace

Do you wish to make the most out of your holiday in Alsace and nearby Germany / Switzerland? Fly to one of the nearby and convenient airports and rent a car or book a transfer: Basel, Strasbourg or Karlsruhe-Baden are approx an hour driving only from the Colmar region. Other interesting airports (especially for intercontinental flights) are Zurich (90 minutes), Frankfurt / Main and Frankfurt-Hahn (approx 3 hours). Paris Charles De Gaulle is far away (but high speed TGV train connection to Strasbourg and Colmar) or a 6 hours drive).

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is the most convenient airport to fly to Alsace and the nearby Germany / Switzerland region.

The smaller airports of Strasbourg and Karlsruhe-Baden offer limited connections. But Basel EuroAirport in the South of the region is a major gateway to all over Europe. The EuroAirport is located on French territory near the Swiss city of Basel and has a direct access to France / Germany (members of the European Union) as well as a direct access to Switzerland. It is for sure the best choice when your destination is Alsace. There are a lot of direct flights from all over Europe, especially with Easyjet. If you are travelling from outside Europe you will have to make an intermediate stop somewhere like Amsterdam (KLM flights) or London LHR (British Airways and American Airlines) before boarding a flight to Basel (BSL). Basel airport is only a 45 minutes easy and comfortable drive to the central part of Alsace, i.e. Colmar and Riquewihr.

Our practical hints
If your final destination is Alsace …
1/ When booking a car rental make sure you search and book on the French side of the airport terminal, not on the Swiss side. Prices are cheaper on the French side and it is a shorter drive when you leave the airport. And also when you return the car. This might be very important if you are a bit behind of schedule with your departing flight.
2/ When clearing customs, make sure you choose the exit marked FRANCE and not SWITZERLAND.

Don’t want to rent a car?

Car rental is available at any of the airports listed on this page. But what if you do not wish to rent a car? No worry, everything remains possible!

From the airport to your destination there is the possibility of taking the train + transfer. If you are several people (maximum 6 with luggage) we can even organize a transfer from the airport to your place of stay.

an intercontinental airport less than 2 hours away from us.

When arriving from the other side of the world you will need to make a stop and board a new flight to Basel. But other possibilities exist if you want to spend less time in airports. Fly to Zurich (Switzerland) or to Frankfurt / Main (Germany).

Zurich Airport is in Switzerland and it’s the shortest way to reach the south of Alsace and the Colmar / Riquewihr area for travellers arriving from outside Europe. For European travellers, Basel Airport is even closer.

All major airlines are flying to Zurich Airport. Whether you are coming from the United States, Canada, Hong-Kong, Dubai, Singapore or Beijing, you will find a flight to Zurich Airport.

Zurich Airport is less than 170 km, just around 2 hours driving to our place. That’s really the best way to come to us. Even if Paris is in France, you will have to drive 550 kilometres to our Colmar region in Alsace. This means a tiring journey of more than 5 / 6 hours driving.

Intercontinental flights are usually arriving in the morning.
After collecting your luggage, do not hesitate to have a little rest in one of the comfortable leather armchairs. Zurich airport’s terminal has the flair of a comfortable business airport. Have a coffee and take it easy. Then go upstairs and get your car rental. After getting your car, it is an easy 2 hours drive to Riquewihr or Colmar, Alsace. Or board a train. Or go to the cab you have booked ahead 😉

You need a transfer to Zurich Airport or Frankfurt Am Main? Please just contact us.

Frankfurt-am-Main airport,
the biggest intercontinental hub nearby.

Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany as well as the 4th busiest in Europe. Depending on where you will be arriving from it might be the best choice. All over the world there are flight to Frankfurt am Main.
From there you have basically 2 options: rent a car or use the shuttle bus to Strasbourg. It is a Lufhansa bus but access is possible to anyone. It takes some 3 hours.

And what about Paris airport?

Remember that our region of Alsace is on the edge of France, on the border with Germany and Switzerland. The nearest and most convenient airports to fly to are not in … France. Paris Charles De Gaulle airport is far away although there is a high speed TGV train connection to Strasbourg and Colmar. Otherwise, if you decide to rent a car, you will have a 6 hours drive in front of you. Having said that, of course if you are planning to combine a stay in Paris before or after your stay in Alsace, Paris airport remains in the loop. BUT THEN: start with the stay in Paris. Why? Because after a long intercontinental flight you don’t want to continue immediately with another long journey of several hours. You would arrive very tired and with a spoiled mood. Do not start your holidays like that. Prefer Paris first: go to the place you have booked there, have a rest and enjoy. A couple of days later you will feel good to board a TGV high speed train from Paris Gare de l’Est and continue to Alsace. Strasbourg or Colmar.

Don’t want to rent a car?

For your stay in Paris it would be a big mistake to rent a car. Should you wish to rent a car for the rest of your trip, just rent one at the airport where you will fly back from. You will save time and money. But what if you do not wish to rent a car? No worry, everything remains possible!

From Paris train station Gare de l’ESt (or CDG airport) there is an excellent high speed train service to Alsace, Strasbourg or Colmar. Finally, use a taxi for the remaining kilometres.
During your stay, indulge yourself and take advantage of our guided day tours with our high-end minivan to discover the best of the region.

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